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Space Exploration

I created this account so I could comment on WordPress blogs.

I have a space exploration blog. As of February 2016, I have posted:

Limits to Growth, Logistic vs Exponential — We’re a growing population on a finite planet. We should expand our boundaries.

Fact Checking Neil deGrasse Tyson — It is good that we have charismatic advocates for science and rational thought. However a good advocate would take pains to disseminate only accurate information. At this point I don’t give Tyson much credence.

A New Tether Spreadsheet — The anchor in a series of blog posts. Using Chris Wolfe’s spreadsheet I look at how massive tethers in various scenarios would be. I use Zylon as the tether material.

The Most Common Delta V Error — Novices typically ignore the Oberth effect and fail to patch conics correctly.

Who Needs Humans? — We are already building substantial infrastructure using tele-robotic workers in places humans can’t reach. For example British petroleum constructing oil wells on the sea floor. But these R.O.V.s have no light lag latency and can be hauled to the surface for maintenance. If we have robotic infra-structure in space, a human presence would make it more able.

What’s The Minimum Spin Hab? — What gravity is needed to keep humans healthy? What’s maximum angular velocity humans can grow accustomed to? These are important questions if humankind is going to spread into space.

One Legged Stools — There are space advocates who shout “Mars First!” Others want to go the moon first. And then some favor asteroids. They are each single legs of a stool.

Surgical Robots — There are already robots in use where the user wears motion capture “gloves”.

Cartoon delta V map — Shows change in velocity to go from earth’s surface to various destinations in the inner solar system.

Catching an Asteroid — There are some asteroids that could be parked in the earth-moon neighborhood with a small amount of delta V

What the heck is Vinf? — A short explanation of some orbital mechanics.

Beanstalks, Elevators, Clarke Towers

Mf is a Mofo — an article on mass fraction and Tsiolkovsky’s rocket equation.

Inflated Delta Vs — the delta V budgets given in Atomic Rockets and other places are needlessly high.

The Next Continent — A book review of The Next Continent by Issui Ogawa. It is also a call for science fiction that is not science fantasy. I would like to see more science fiction like Ogawa’s, set in our inner solar system.

Murphy’s Mangled Math — Physicist Tom Murphy claims to have done the math showing use of space resources is not plausible. He evidently hasn’t heard of the Oberth effect and doesn’t patch conics correctly. This is only one of several major flaws with Murphy’s arguments.

Puppets, Telerobots and James Cameron — there are a number of market forces making remotely operated devices cheaper, more able, and less massive. I believe it is this technology that will enable exploitation of space resources.


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